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Holy Saturday

April 4th, 2015

What is Holy Saturday suppose to feel like? 

What is it suppose to look like? I don’t know. 

Leaving Good Friday services and fulfilling the Good Friday fast has rules and that helps me. We have the benefit of knowing physically, mentally, spiritually what our response to the Passion of Our Lord should be. Deacon Rick said last week to hold the fast into Holy Saturday which made me say, “WHAT!” Now just a minute, hold it.  Until when exactly. Easter Vigil? Sunset? Sunset sounds good (really the same thing) but I really have a lot to do tomorrow, preparations for Easter.  You know - Moma stuff!   A cup of coffee and a good breakfast would make a big difference in my . . . temperament.

Holy Saturday is an interesting day, making sweets, preparing baskets, baking. I love it and it’s a lot of work. It is hard to be solemn like I am on Good Friday while frosting sugar cookies.  Also, with family together it has already been kind of celebratory already.  What's a Moma to do?

Part of the reason we are so ready for Holy Saturday is because we have full knowledge that Easter Sunday is coming. We are in no way like Joseph of Arimathea who asks for Jesus’ body, or Nicodemus who brings spices for the burial. Those prepartions were not a prelude to Easter. They were - The End.  We are different! May God bless Joseph and Nicodemus who were faithful to Jesus but we know the rest of the story. We are getting ready for a celebration!

We can take this Faith in Easter into the other parts of our lives. How would we act if we had sure faith that our anxieties would be consoled and our prayers answered. What if we had the faith of the Jesus’ resurrection in everything we do, said and were? We would be a new creation. That would be an Easter Miracle for which God has been praying.

Have a beautiful and Blessed Easter,

Hac Dominus Jesus!

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