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Legos, Legos, everywhere

A Sharpie transforms to create Black Panther

My beautiful daughter recently had her first baby and I thought I would share her well appointed diaper bag.

She was only missing one thing


Don't leave home without it!

Her Favorite

(At Top Left)

Safety First's Nasal Aspirator

Top comes off for cleaning!

The Essential Item for a

6 week old cutie in cold and flu season.

Using her favorite bag, her items include: Extra clothes and socks, extra blanket burp cloth, camera and "personal bag", diaper changer that folds out contains aquaphor, diapers, wipes, and plastic bags for diaper disposal. Top it off with a soft toy elephant from Grandma (me:)

Have an essential item or a diaper bag hint to share?

Send it to me :) 


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The Perfect Diaper Bag.

I have been buying and changing diapers since 1990. Yes, 25 years of buying diapers.

I saw a new mama's diaper bag this fall. It was beautiful!

She turned and there it was! The pockets on the outside were filled with all the necessities and they were color coordinated with her bag.

Yes! They matched!

My diaper bag looks like this -

A pull-up and wipes in a Ziplock bag. 

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