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Three Days is a Lifetime

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Stefanie speaking -

I need to explain a few things. Remember how I said I was always wrong in guessing the kids, I was. When it came to names. I was always focused on what the boy’s name should be when the baby was a girl and the opposite for the girls. So, James named all the kids. I really should have figured it out.

So when James had two names for this baby, I was kind of irritated.

If it was a boy, he should be named after our oldest and dearest friend William Thomas.

There was no question. 

But instead, he had been talking about this name, Matthias. Matthias Ambrose. Matthias is the name of character from Redwall, a great book. It is about a little mouse who is a great warrior. Matthias. Father Ambrose was a dear friend, a Norbertine priest from Wisconsin, who served our parish for years during the summer in Yellowstone Park.

Matthias Ambrose.

It was beautiful, but if this was a boy. His name was William Thomas but our child was not a Will. He was Matthias.

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