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Three Days is a Lifetime

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I had never had surgery before. I am very blessed to have nice labors and easy births.

By the time I was wheeled into the delivery room I understood that this certainly was an emergency.

The nurse told me to stretch out my arms.

Does everyone who has a C-section stretch out their arms?

That was a shock to me and I felt the prayer “into your hands I commend my spirit."

I was afraid. 

The C-section was quick and my son was born. He did not cry. I never heard him cry.

When they said his weight 3 pounds and 19inches long.

My heart despaired. My labor was over, but my husband’s had just begun.

As they prepared Matthias for the life flight to Billings, Montana, the closest NICU which was ninety miles away.

I could hardly look. I despaired, knowing I would never see him again.

I told James he had to go with him on the helicopter. I left him no option.

I turned over in bed and began to morn, thinking all was lost.

It was the first day, and the miracle that had begun at 3 o’clock in the morning, was being unveiled, all was not lost.

Matthias was born alive and he would change everything. I later received one of the greatest gifts I will ever receive when

my good doctor moved heaven and earth and by 3 p.m., yes 3, I was in an ambulance on the way to St. Vincent’s Hospital.

My white plastic rosary still in hand.

The nice EMT asked me if it glowed in the dark. I said no but we agreed that some do.

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