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Three Days is a Lifetime

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James continues -

Thursday, our kids came. The little ones, Cecilia and Michaela had colds so they had to stay home. They could never have entered the NICU being sick. It was unfortunate because they missed holding him and having their picture taken with him. The arrangements were made for my parents to fly in from Houston on Friday. It was a beautiful day full of unexpected blessings. Matthias brought healing to broken relationships and left peace instead of pain in everyone he touched.

My cousin, Anna, was caring for the kids. She brought them to the NICU and after scrubbing up, each spent time holding him as the nurses took pictures to remember the visit. I remember his fingernails were perfect and his feet were big. His ears were small and his face was beautiful. Our friends in Cody were wonderful watching the children, dying Easter eggs with them. It wasn’t easy and we will never be able to thank them enough. Everyone returned home and I went to Holy Thursday Mass.

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