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Saint Peter's Parish in

Kabala West, Kaduna, Nigeria

Kabala West is a dear devoted parish in Nigeria. The area in impoverished and the parish is in need of support as is their youth. The political reality for Nigeria has been difficult.

Threats of violence and the dispersion of the population to rural areas makes it difficult for parish priests to meet the need of their people. Travel to mission churches can be dangerous as well as exhausting. Still, the people of Nigeria continue to be a source of hope and excitement for the entire Catholic Church. 

I came to know Father Emmanuel Abiriyi while he was in Cody, Wyoming recuperating from injury. I dare to admit that our time together was squandered. We understood one another not. It was not until his return to Nigeria was imminent that the barriers of culture and communication were removed. He remains for me a sincere friend, a great confessor and adviser on how to live our faith fully. He is the pastor and a faithful servant of God at St. Peter's parish and its mission parishes. When he returned to Nigeria, the church was without the needed altar cloths and vessels for Mass. This did not stop God in His plan for St. Peter's Church. They celebrate a Eucharistic lifestyle and continue to grow in love. Father Emmanuel invested in Saint Peter's by building an Eucharistic Adoration Chapel that has been a blessing to the people. Please enjoy the pictures below of its dedication.

As often happens, the beautiful chapel was damaged by weather and had to be repaired. This is not an easy thing. Just the normal costs of running a parish is difficult thing. If you are moved by their story and their tenacity to serve God; consider supporting them. Methods for support are available on their website.

Construction of the Adoration Chapel

Dedication of the Chapel (Father Emmanuel and Bishop Matthew)

Bishop Matthew and Knights of Columbus celebrating the completion and dedication of the Eucharistic Chapel November 2014.

The Source and Summit - The Eucharist!

Wyoming was blessed by

Father Emmanuel Abiriyi

for some time.

He has now returned to serve his people

in Kabala West, Nigeria

God Bless You, Father!

Unfortunately, the chapel was damaged in a storm and

had to be repaired.

These people of Saint Peter's are not sleeping, they are praying.

May we be so filled with faith in Jesus and adore Him!

Please pray for this struggling parish and its good people. They are so faithful and good.

Please visit their website at

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