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Catholic Saints

Come Alive!

Celebrate All Saint's Day with an amazing party featuring the Catholic Saints.

Children come dressed as their favorite saints

Then the Fun Begins . . .

1. Have the older kids wait behind a door

(We use our Religious Education Center,

plenty of doors)

2. Choose a little one to knock at the door.

3. The "Saint" comes out holding a electric candle, Did I mention the lights in the hallway are turned off. In the shadow of the candle light, the children listen to the Saint's story and receive a Holy Card or an item to remember them by.

4. Next Door, next Saint . . .

Be Prepared, the children will want to share their Saint's story.

These Neat

Saint Cupcakes


can be purchased at

Piñatas are Always Fun.

Be careful to have lots of helpers to keep the little ones safe.

Avoid candy mixes sold to fill the Piñata.

They often have hard candy, choose fun sized candy instead.

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