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Rain Boots

. . . looking for a puddle.

Sorting Socks !!!!!

Before . . .

. . . After


Sorting socks is hard because there are no socks to sort.

Kids put them on and for some odd reason they disappear separately

never to see one another again. It's Spooky!

The insanity of buying striped, colored socks, is my decision (or dysfunction).

When the kids were all different sizes of socks. I purchased the same type so that sorting would be easy but it wasn't. The brand would change something, anything to make them different. Now that I have only 4 kid categories:

  • Teen Boys

  • Big Girls

  • Little Boys

  • Little Girls

I really just have four piles. The girls say that the socks don't need to be sorted which may be true but not if they never reach the washer.

Solution - The Great Sock Race!

Read about the race, my June 1st Blog!

Here at Moma's House. Sorting socks is a never ending search for matches. After Friday's Race, when 188 matches were made. Some unlucky socks return to the sock drawer alone, again! Why? Are the kids working together to drive me nuts? Where do these socks go?

Before . . .

. . . After

See these cute, smiley faced socks? 224 socks joined Friday's sorting event and not one smiley sock? What are the chances. 188 pairs were mated and not one was a smiley sock. That just isn't normal. I almost gave up, almost put the orange and yellow one together and the purple and blue. Roll the tops together, toss them in the pile, satisfied. Oh no, I've tried that before, only to wash the next week and have a sock emerge. I can wait, I will be vigilant. 

Smiley Socks, I will find you ! 

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