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Our daughter finished her packing the week before Palm Sunday and I considered I might have the baby before she returned. She boarded a plane and I began watching the flight pattern across the United States. Alternating, I googled –“ 38 weeks and breach”.

There were severe storms in the south and her flights were changed and canceled.

I worried that they would miss Palm Sunday morning Mass, which they did.

I began to learn that sometimes a child was breach because of a medical problem. The options Google gave me were more serious than I had known. My mind began to focus on fetal movements and the quiet time that separated them.

During the last soup supper, an older woman asked me questions about my pregnancy and plans. I remember saying, “ I just want to see this person okay.” I still wanted to avoid a C-section but that fear was taking a back seat to new concerns.

Ashlen had arrived in Rome and all was well. Palm Sunday services were over and Monday night we wrapped up the last marriage mentor meeting with a couple soon to be married. It was spring break and time to relax!

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