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Legos, Legos, everywhere

A Sharpie transforms to create Black Panther

Happy Moma's Day !

What a great day!

Woke up to a request to attach lego arms :)

Blessed to say my rosary and put on makeup!

Found DVDs in my hamper and dollies where my DVD belong.

(At least the dollies weren't in the hamper.)

Now, having breakfast with the family

Pancakes, bacon and eggs and all the fixings

Next, driving to have dinner with Ash (her birthdays tomorrow)

and get to see Dallan (grand baby)!

Happy Moma's Day to everyone!

Cheers to burnt toast, dandelion bouquets,

homemade cards, and kisses!

Recital week!

Always a favorite at

Moma's House.

Thanks for dancing,

Moma loves it!

Celebrate Daddies every Day!

Tell your husband how much you appreciate and need him.

He wants to hear those words!

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