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Legos, Legos, everywhere

A Sharpie transforms to create Black Panther

Now you see me...

It's that day. The day to take down the tree,

the Advent Wreath the whole deal.

Not my favorite day.

I know our world acts like Christmas starts the day

after Thanksgiving and finishes on New Year's Day.

That's not our culture.

I already miss the ornaments and the lights.

I can't help but notice that no one is as excited t

o take down the tree as to decorate it.

I understand.  

... now you don't!

Here's to a great Christmas Season

and all the wonderful memories made!

Is this what Epiphany looks like at

your House? It does at mine.

Share a favorite Christmas memory or comment

using the form below 


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Or this? A king with a red nose?

Both went down in history!

Last Week - The Perfect Diaper Bag at Moma's House

Don't leave home without one.

I really thought you would like to see another view of Iron Man,

Captain America and Wolverine :)

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