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Trisomy 18 is an abnormality of the 18th chromosome.

When conception occurs, a child inherits 23 chromosomes from each of his or her parent. The resulting 46 chromosomes is what makes us who we are. It is our DNA, literally. When instead of 2 chromosomes coming together instead there are three, they call it a trisomy.

There are different types of trisomy. A person can develop with a trisomy chromosome occuring on the 21st chromosome, the 13th or the 18th. Certainly, there are possibly trisomy conditions that are not discussed because the person may not survive development.

The extra genetic material causes developmental differences that can result in serious health issues. It is hard to generalize the severity of any person who has an additional chromosome. Some conditions are mosaic, meaning that not all of their cells include the additional genetic material, while with others the added chromosome effect is dramatic.

We are not representatives of any group or organization who educate about Trisomy or Trisomy 18. We are just Matthias' parents, who wish to share the experience of loving someone whose body could survived only three days. We celebrate the fact that we all

are created in the image and likeness of God and even a short life can have eternal

impact and benefit.

We refuse to consider blessings to be curses, or curses to be blessings.

We are here to share a life that was a blessing, Matthias Ambrose.

Our Eternal Gift from God!

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