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Three Days is a Lifetime

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James continues

Now lets rewind a few months back, during Stef’s pregnancy. I recall many nights laying next to her and praying quietly. I always started my prayer with wanting a healthy child.

Yet somehow this just didn’t feel right.

What if he wasn’t healthy?

Would if my prayers had not been answered?

If he was not healthy, did that make him less in the eyes of God, any less in my eyes?

I truly did not know what to pray for. 

I usually ended up with something like this … “Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for my wife and new baby. I didn’t know until after Matthias that then Brother Michael Mary, now Father Michael Mary, knew exactly what to pray for . He told me later, “ I prayed for his baptism.”

Just plain and simple, God is good, now and forever.

As soon as the nurse said he was small, something kind of clicked in me. The unknown was now known. His name was indeed Matthias Ambrose. I went up to his crib and looked in not quite knowing what to expect. What I saw was a little boy lying on his back, he didn’t look that small. He was 19 inches long. Yes, he was skinny only 3 pounds but he had 10 fingers and 10 toes just like his other siblings. The nurse explained that he had trouble breathing and it was best that they flew him to Billings.

Father Clark hurried to the hospital to baptize our child. As he came in, he seemed so big and comforting and stable. I was already right by the crib. I was on one side and Father Clark on the other. I think Father Clark’s first words were “What name do you give to this child? And I replied, Matthias Ambrose. “Matthias Ambrose – I baptize you in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit and then he was off to see Stef. I cried through the sacrament.

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