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  Spring Cleaning!

Page in Progress ... come back soon

I love spring cleaning and I hate it. You understand.

I do know my way of cleaning makes my family crazy.

I make everyone miserable. What to do?

I have a nice laundry room. It has a door (that closes :) and it is a nice size and has good storage. It doesn't bring me joy because it is constantly filled with stuff. Stuff I don't want to deal with. So this year, I decided to pay attention to the kinds of stuff that was getting in the way.

The result - Gift wrap and sewing stuff! 

Solution 1 - Deal with the gift wrap!

I took a day and found a solution for the gift wrap that is working. I tried to get a different perspective on the room and look for a place not being used. My solution was the wall.

The gift bag holders are Rubbermaid paper bag holders that I had. I apologize that they are vintage but some are available on eBay and other types can be found be searching "Brown bag storage" one type is a Panacea Grayline 40212 Paper Bag holder.

The holders are curtain rods from Ace hardware, they can be found at most stores. Please know that they are best if they can be used horizontally. The rods as shown drop all the way to the floor which was disappointing but they work.

The cork board works well to keep those ribbons and cards available.

Some Successful Organization Tips!

- Plastic tubs under beds. Uses space that is often wasted and gets cluttered easily.

Kids can dress themselves this way and old or new clothes can stored with lids.

- Shoe Shelves in Pantry or Mudroom. Use individual baskets for backpacks.

- Trunk for file chest. Hanging folders help make a big difference in ease of use.

- Peg board for all those miscellaneous items.

Images coming soon :)

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